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  About IUSTI-AP

The International Union against Sexually Transmitted Infections (IUSTI), founded in 1923, is the oldest international organization with the objective of fostering international cooperation in the control of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS. IUSTI is on the Roster of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It is an Official Non-Government Organization in Consultative Status with the World Health Organization.

IUSTI organizes frequent international and regional conferences on sexually transmitted infections and publishes expert clinical guidelines for their management in collaboration with the International Journal for STD and AIDS. Every two years its annual world congress is held in conjunction with the International Society for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research (ISSTDR) meeting.

IUSTI has individual members that belong to different regions around the world. IUSTI-Asia Pacific (IUSTI-AP) is one of the five regions of the global IUSTI. It holds annual meeting every two years, which is concerned with the medical, scientific, social and epidemiological aspects of sexually transmitted infections and increasingly HIV/AIDS in the Asia Pacific region.

Member List of International Union against Sexually

Transmitted Infections (IUSTI), Asia Pacific Branch Committee

Regional Director 

Dr Somesh Gupta 

Regional Chairman 

Prof. Kaushal Verma - India 

Chairman Elect 

Prof. Christopher Fairley- Australia 

Honorary Secretary 

Dr. Ryoichi Hamasuna - Japan 

Honorary Treasurer 

Dr. Anne Robertson – New Zealand 

Honorary Membership Secretary 

Dr. Pachara Sirivongrangson - Thailand 

Immediate Past Chairman and Honorary Treasurer 

Dr Brian Mulhalli 

Sub-regional representatives 

Vice-Chair Oceania Pacific Subregion 

Dr. Catherine O’ connor (Australia) 

Vice-Chair South East Asia Subregion 

Prof. Sunil Sethi (India) 

Vice-Chair West AsiaSubregion 

 Dr. Kamal Faour (United Arab Emirates) 

Vice-Chair East Asia Subregion 

 Dr. Pingyu Zhou (China) 

Vice-Chair East Asia Subregion 

Dr. Satoshi Takashaki (Japan)